Patient Care

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Siepser Eyecare Patient CareAt SLEC we have redirected our efforts to not only explain a particular procedure or diagnosis but also to be sure that patient’s fully comprehend our explanation. It is just human nature to gloss over a serious situations. I myself find that I minimize any doctor’s diagnosis and possible outcomes, it is just the way it is. Riding that fine line between scaring a patient, increasing their anxiety and carefully and fully explain their diagnosis and plan is very challenging. At SLEC we have found that the best method for this is to have Dr. Siepser make the diagnosis, then Nick Stasyk and Stevie-Rae explain and use videos to demonstrate the diagnosis and treatment plan. We use various websites to generate a tailored “take home” print out. The last step is then invite Dr. Siepser to answer any additional questions before the patient leaves the office. One of my favorite things is to get any decision makers directly on the phone for a “phone conference” while the patient is still in the office. It is just too much to ask a patient to recite and explain all that we have presented and they often will report that the doctor didn’t say much, which might be true as often patient’s don’t really hear much after they are presented with a complex, possibly adverse situation. We always recommend that patients bring a family member or come back for a consultation with Stevie-Rae or Nick to fully cover the details in a more relaxed situation.