Obtain Optimal Performance In Your Sport Through LASIK

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Do you want to obtain your maximum performance in your chosen sport? LASIK seems to give many athletes an edge. So much so that some of the golfers on the pro circuit tried to have one of the most recognized names in golf removed from the roster as they alleged that his LASIK gave in an unfair advantage. Yes, Tiger Woods, who was extremely near sighted had his LASIK in 1999 and never “looked” back. Let me explain.

On the course regulation golf is two long shots and two putts. Making putting almost half the game and of extreme importance at the professional level. Putting is determined in part on your ability to “read” the green or carefully ascertain the various curves and undulations of the putting surface. It has been demonstrated that glasses distort the surface of the green and create false images that are distorted in such a way that putting becomes more difficult. Contact lenses do help with this however there is still distortion and a tendency to distort when looking laterally as the contacts can shift on the surface of the eye causing aberrations. This is just one example of the benefits of distortion free vision obtainable with LASIK.

One of my favorite experiences was when I helped the Eagles get into the Superbowl. Let me explain. Chad Lewis (a tight end) came to me early in that fateful season and wanted to have LASIK. He said that when he turned his head to look at McNabb his contacts blurred his vision in that extreme eye position. Once he had LASIK his vision was stable and excellent. He ascribed his catching the winning pass in the edge of the end zone to his ability to see clearly behind himself in the extremes of gaze and could predict the course of the football as he could see how McNabb placed his hand on the football and how he could see the acceleration and direction more clearly.

There is no more visually demanding sport than baseball. It has been demonstrated that most successful hitters have “super vision” or 20/15 or better. Glasses can easily correct to 20/20, contacts the same but LASIK can remove secondary aberrations that interfere with the finest vision and give 80% of the patients 20/15. Batters can then more easily see how the pitcher grasps the ball how it twists out of their hand so that they can predict the flight and better prepare to hit the ball or let one pass.

Sporting clay, competitive biathlons, skeet shooting are all improved with the finer and more accurate vision obtained with LASIK.

In fact, all ball sports are improved with LASIK. Tennis, pickle ball, bad mitten, softball, football, golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, even ping pong are improved with more precise vision. Skiing, water skiing, swimming, track, marathons, triathlons, all are just easier without the hassle of fogged glasses, needed care and discomfort of glasses or contacts. Don’t just sit there run to get your LASIK!