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    Monday, February 7th:
    Makeup and Dry Eye 
    Makeup can cause and exacerbate dry eye. Many dry eye sufferers have given up on wearing eye makeup, figuring their eyes are just too sensitive. The good news it that there are lots of safe, dry eye friendly options out there – you just have to know what to look for! Changing your makeup, skin creams, and personal care products can be a complete game changer for dry eye – and Dr. Pendrak is eager to share her tips and tricks with you!
    Tuesday, February 8th:
    Dry Eye Sparing Skin Care Secrets
    For years we thought that anything that was good for your skin was bad for your eyes. Many anti-aging and anti-acne treatments have long been known for contributing to dry eye disease and (according to recent studies) can even cause significant damage to your eyes. In this talk, Dr. Pendrak will share her top 3 powerful, all natural skin care secrets that she borrowed from the world of dry eye – meaning these treatments are great for your skin AND your eyes!  Who doesn’t love multitasking?
    Wednesday, February 9th:
    Light Therapy for Glowing Skin (Oops I Mean For Dry Eye!)
    The latest, most powerful, all encompassing dry eye treatments use nothing more than light to treat dry eye. They are backed by years of published, peer reviewed research – and obvious results! These treatments have become famous for their “side effects” – giving you clearer, younger looking skin.
    Thursday, February 10th:
    Computers, Devices, and Dry Eye
    Whose screen time hasn’t increased since March 2020?  Many have noticed that with increased screen time comes increased dry eye symptoms – and they are absolutely right! Devices, screens – they all exacerbate dry eye. This includes children who you may have noticed also have increased screen time. Does any of this cause long lasting damage, or just short term discomfort? Dr. Pendrak will take you through all of this, as well as give you some easy tips to make you more comfortable on the computer.
    Friday, February 11th:
    When Dry Eye Means Something More
    So your eyes feel dry – what does this mean? Did you know that a certain type of dry eye is often a reliable indicator of inflammation going on elsewhere in your body? End wellness week by learning about some of the most common conditions that can cause dry eye and whether or not you may be at risk.