Eyecare Insights for 2022 Part 2

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In February we shared some new treatment options for 2022 focusing on aging eyes and near sightedness in children. Here are some additional advances in eyecare for 2022!

Nasal Spray treatment for Dry Eye Symptoms?

Did you ever think a nasal spray could improve your dry symptoms? It can!

Dry eye can be affected by the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve has three branches, one of which is the ophthalmic branch which affects sensation of the eye.

Dry eye is often caused by glands’ inability to produce secretions and subsequently, tears.

Tyrvaya is a nasal spray that activates the trigeminal nerve and stimulates the glands responsible for tear production. Studies* concluded that patients who used Tyrvaya had significant increased tear production and decreased dry symptoms than those who did not use Tyrvaya. This was confirmed from Schirmer’s testing which measures tear production.

Tyrvaya is sprayed once to each nostril twice a day, 12 hours apart. Side effects include sneezing, cough, and instillation site (nose) irritation. There are no contraindications associated with Tyrvaya.

Tyrvaya offers a dry eye treatment option that is clinically proven to reduce symptoms without involving an already irritated eye surface. If you’re looking for a dry eye treatment that works differently, Tyrvaya could be an effective option.

*Tyrvaya’s ONSET-1, ONSET-2 and MYSTIC Studies


Echo Frames by Amazon

Amazon echo frames are “smart glasses” that have tiny little speakers and microphones inserted into the area near the temples so users can listen to music and voice command Alexa without pulling out their phone. Amazon has just launched the second generation of these smart eyeglasses boasting improved battery life, better sound and additional color options.

Echo frames can be fitted with prescription lenses by Siepser Eyecare. If you’re on the cutting edge of technology and would like your echo frames to be fitted with prescription lenses, contact Siepser Eyecare today!

If you have any questions or are interested in any of these treatment innovations, contact Siepser Eyecare today for a consultation!